False colour

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to find how to see the false colour of the image, to check the exposure. I remember I have done it before in Flame. Does anyone remember what was the node called?


dont know if there is a matchbox maybe?


but you can go make your own 3dlut that gives you falsecolor.

otherwise nobe omniscope is magic for it


Hi David,
Not sure quite what you mean by false colour, sorry, but you can enable a view transform via colour management / viewer prefs called “Show out of range” which flags negatives and anything over 1 - useful as you can flip to it at any point in a comp. It’s one of the viewing/data options.


Is this what you’re after David?
Colour Management node in batch.


You can also setup external scopes (such as Omniscope which was just featured on Logik Live), which not only provides False Color but many more helpful analysis tools.


Thanks! It wasn’t what I was looking for, but I dind’t know about that and it’s so cool, I will use it for sure

Exactly that! Thanks so much

Thanks! It is just next to false color en view option, and it’s so useful as well

I have taken note of this :slight_smile:

As inspiration, this is my setup, with OmniScope running on the top monitor via a laptop that taps into the SDI loopback of the FSI. False color top left, rgb parade, HML vector scopes and a few more.

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