Feature Requests / Flame Feedback Procedure

Ever visited Flame Feedback? Well, here’s how you submit Flame Feedback.

  1. Go here.

  2. Login. It will look like this.

  1. Click here.

  2. If you want to Submit Feedback, click “Submit an improvement request.”

  3. If you want to browse what others have requested, click “Perform Action” to sort the database.

Bob’s your uncle.

Anything else to add @fredwarren?


Some other comments:

  1. Please make sure your request doesn’t already exists before submitting it.
  2. Do not hesitate to add votes on other users ideas
  3. Try to have only one request per entry. Avoid things like “Export Movies Improvements” that list 8 different things you would like to see added.

I encourage everyone to get involved with this. It’s a great way to vote for and suggest big and small changes. Last year I asked for the RecursiveOps defaults to change, which is a very small thing, but they’re changed now and I save time every time I use the node now.


Up to a dirty dozen…

Want to upvote this? Here’s instructions…

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Just a quick clarification.

https://feedback.autodesk.com/key/flame is the Flame Feedback registration link.

Once registered, you can access Flame Feedback with flamefeedback.autodesk.com or feedback.autodesk.com.


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Hot damn up to 2 votes. Can I get a 3rd?