Flame 2025 is here! 🚀

Hi Logik!

New updates to Flame are here! :rocket:

Check out the latest updates:

  • Use the Match Grain node to apply the grain or noise from a clip to your composition.
  • The Lens Distortion tool has been revamped with new workflows, controls, and models.
  • Use the STMap node to either undistort or distort a clip by means of an STMap clip.
  • You no longer need to create a Flame user profile.
  • And more!

:point_right: Learn more about what’s new: Help

:fire: First of many Flame 2025 videos, recorded by Jeff Kyle: https://youtu.be/tzGBP47QcLo?feature=shared

  • You no longer need to create a Flame user profile.
    Can you expand on this point.
    What about the user bin in batch?

Wow. I’m excited with all that new features, but no longer user is gonna be controversial.

There are still user settings, it’s just how they’re managed has changed. They’re no longer version specific which is a nice upgrade.


Robert works in marketing. Check out the linked documentation for specific questions.

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Hmm. It’d be nice if there were some new feature videos coming out soon, wouldn’t it?


Also their help page on the announcement has the common problem that things with &gt and &lt signs get swallowed on web pages if not formatted correctly.

it reads that user settings are stored in /home//flame and /Users//Library/Preferences.

I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be a username between the double slash, meaning the user preferences are stored in your OS user’s home directory and thus on a per user basis based on your Linux/Mac login.

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Indeed. The Learning Channel has turned into a History Channel, but otherwise seems deserted.

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I remember when I was exicted waiting each new flame realease at night…when we had new features… unfortunately that time has gone. Honestly, was expecting some copycat for flame or AI relevant feature.


NDI 6 with 10-bit precision just for you!


More info here, but you will see it is easy and you will like tehe new way to manage your user content:


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The Lens Distortion tool, STMap, and Match Grain couldn’t have filled my wish list any better. Awesome work!


The Match Grain node (which matches Nuke’s solution and even has a few more nuances) is a major upgrade. That makes it a lot easier to do comp work in Flame without having to resort to 3rd party tools or complicated pipelines.


When will the version be available for download?
The IT says that the version is not yet available for download.

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hmm maybe he wants to go home because he’s about to finish work and lied to me

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NAB Surprise? Flame on Windows?

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ADSK has cut so many resources, including Grant Kay, so there is no one left to make the great videos we used to get with releases. Due to this we also have scant interactions with them on the forum, etc.