Flame 2018.3 for Mac

Hi Hive,

I’m trying to open an archive in 2020.2.3 which was created in 2018.3 version. It fails. I was told that it might work in 2018.3 version. Autodesk doesnt have that version any more on their website. Does anyone have it? 2018.3 version for Mac.

Thank you!

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There should be no reason a 2018 archive fails on 2020 due to the software. What sort of media was it recorded on?

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And, long shot, but, did the archive ever travel via a FTP server?

Check your personal messages for a link to Flame 2018.3 and 2018.3.1 for Mac. But, this won’t help. As @ytf said, it’s not a problem with the software.

Thank you, Randy! Well… I had this problem before. There’s a bug in 2018.3 with archiving (at least Autodesk support told me that). I’ve fixed it by opening the archive in 2018.3 and then transfer over network to 2019 version. Not sure it’ll work this time cause indeed the archive travbeled over FTP, but it’s worth a try. Thank you for the link, you are the MAN!

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Okay, if archive did in fact travel over FTP, then likely its the header was transferred in the wrong mode. It’s been forever since Ive dealt with this, but, using Filezilla for example, there is an FTP Transfer Mode called wither ASCII, Binary, or Auto. Usually its set to Auto, if I remember correctly. And whenever you have an archive travelling over FTP you should really zip the header to protect it. If you have the archive on the other location still, then re-ftping the file set to Binary mode (which should only take a minute, its a tiny file) will likely help your archive open.

If it is indeed this problem.

More here if by chance you used Filezilla.

I guess Flame is a bit like wine: some years were better than others.


Indeed -)

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Now, I cant install Flame 2018.3 on Big Sur :frowning: Life is tough :slight_smile:

I think you need a High Sierra partition for that.

Yep. Working on making one :slight_smile: Will post the full details of this issue if it works.

So, here’s the solution if anyone ever has this issue. FTP wasn’t an issue. The archives created in 2018.3, indeed, have a bug. Open the archive in 2018.3, and either transfer over network whatever you need, or if you cant make Flames talking to each other (I couldnt make 2018.3 talk to 2020.2.3), export an EDL with media. Conform in 2020.2.3 and the archive now in safe place :slight_smile: