Flame 2023.3 Archive Issue

Hello everyone, I’m sending an archive (Flame 2023.3 on BigSur) to a colleague who is using Flame 2023.2 on Rocky Linux but it denies restoring.

Any known compatibility issues / fixes on this matter?

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Flame archives are sadly not downwards compatible in the main and first sub version. So your colleague needs to go one Flame version further.

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Thanks for the response hildebrandbernd, but as far as I remember, while on Flame 2020, I could succesfully restore a Flame 2020.3 archive. Am I wrong?

The first warning is a non-issue if you are the only flame on the network. It’s barely an issue if there are multiple flames. You just need to be aware that if you are writing to an archive and someone else tries to do the same thing, you’re hosed. As for the other problem, archives are not backwards compatible.

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No, its on a totally different network/ Anyway I thought that there were no compatibility issues while on same release (2020 / 2021/ etc). I remember succesfully trying it.

Point feature releases 2020, 2020.1, and 2020.2, etc are not backwards compatible.
Technical fix releases 2020.1.0, 2020.1.1, and 2020.1.2, etc are backwards compatible.

If it’s just one or two setups you are after, you might have a chance saving/loading batch setups. But not if you want the whole archive.


Yes, thats my workaround at the moment, thank you Sinan

It actually worked. Setups loaded succesfully, even sources linked themselves.