Reading Flame archives in older versions

Random Flame version/archive question. If i archived a project in 2021, is there a way to read the archive on Flame 2020.3? I don’t need to restore it, but just wanted to see if the archive was successful. Thanks.

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Hiya Pete, no, there is no way that I know of to read archives of newer versions in an older version.

Yeah, I figured that would be the case. I’m trying to move archives over to the office server and run to LTO, but the office is a version behind. I just to make sure the zip file I uploaded didn’t get corrupt for some reason. Thanks.

Unfortunately, archives are only backward compatible and not forward compatible.

Backward compatible = opening old version archives in the latest Flame. (YES)

Forward compatible = attempting to open new version archives in old version of Flame (NO)

Even with the update point releases, the newer archives will not open in an older version of Flame (even if you just want to check).


Perhaps you could download the trial version of Flame just to check the archives?

Just a thought!

That’s a great idea, Grant. I don’t know when our IT guy will be able to update the flames so that would be ideal. You don’t, by chance, have a link handily available, do you?

Just be aware that the trial is the 2021 version and not the point releases.


Thanks a lot!

@pete.deandrea , if you are using FileZilla or other FTP type transfer protocol, you should 10000% check this. If memory serves me right, the ASCII/Binary file transfer types in FTP clients often screw with archive headers. AS you mentioned, Zipping up the header is a great way to protect it.

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Yeah, that’s my biggest concern. Last thing I need is restore a project 6 months down the road and it’s corrupt.

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