Flame 2019.2.3 install fail on iMac Pro Catalina

Having issues installing flame 2019.2.3 on an iMac Pro running Catalina. Install just simply fails. Anyone know if this is a known issue or I’m missing a trick?

Are you disabling csrutil prior to install?

No. Will this work? My reseller has just told me that it is not possible to run any flavour of 2019 on Catalina!

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Oh right. In my head you were trying to install 2020.

Your reseller is correct

Yep. Now setting up my laptop and an old Eizo!

IIRC this is an apple thing, not an Autodesk thing. With one of the OS upgrades Apple stopped allowing 3rd party apps from installing folders at the root of the HD. That’s where the Autodesk Storage folder was. Now it is in /opt/Autodesk by default. I believe that required a rewrite in Flame to accommodate.