Installing Flame 2020 on my iMac not working #crycrycry

Having issues installing Flame 2020 on my iMac…On the AD website when i go to downloads it says “Mac 64”…Is Flame now only available on the new mac hardware now? I tried to install it anyways and the icon isn’t anywhere to be found on my mac even with hidden files turned on. Also, how do I know exactly what version (2020.2 or .3 ?) am I downloading? Am I missing something?


(2017) Catalina 10.15.6

3.2ghz 8-core inten Xeon W

32gb 2666 MHz DDR4

Radeon pro Vega 56 8gb

Did you turn off csrutil before installing? If not? Google that, do that, reinstall. Deep breath. It’s gonna be aight.

Oh, and 2020 won’t work on Catalina. You need 2020.1 I think minimum. Check system requirements.

will try this! BRB

Ah. The hidden version. Welcome to Flame at home!!

Heres the page you think you want.

But you actually want this page… look above to the right…Updates and Ad ons…that link has the latest version. Use that.

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Keep us posted. The first time drives most of us to drink. But it always gets installed.

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2020.3 is the oldest version that will run on Catalina