Flame 2022 archive cannot see my footy

Hi All - had to open an archive from an outside vendor on flame2022 and i see all the folders & sub folders i created but my footage is gone, the folders are all empty. It was a small archive and i see the .seg files, about half a gig of stuff but just cannot see my clips. any thoughts? TIA…

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Half a gig don’t sound like any footage made it?

hmmm I guess I figured that was evidence some footage was there but half a gig might only be empty folder structure you think @randy ?

Kinda sorta maybe? I mean, you ain’t workin’ HD 8 bit, right? So….its possible that with setups and metadata and folders it COULD be that big.

Never trust an archive made my anybody else. OR is there a chance it was made without Cache media if someone was working uncached and off of a different network than yours?


I know ya know that. Was just talkin out loud. Sorry brosefious. That stinks.

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