Archiving Issues

greetings peeps…

having a tech problem and wanted to ask some advice. Our Flame Assist machine had a drive fail on its raid, which we fixed with a drive swap, but at the same time i think the raid failure caused some issues with the mac os, causing it to crash when anything is done with either the lacie drive or the lacie raid manager software. It has been removed/re-installed but no improvement…constant crashing!
I am going to wipe and reinstall everything but there are a couple of current projects that have not been archived yet.

My question is can we run Flame Assist and archive a project without the framestore being attached?


You should be able to do that and end up with an archive that contains no material, only checkerboards.

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thanks Andy…we tried that but no dice!

seems that the Flame needed to see the raid before it would allow us to open any project file. Flat out refused to show the projects, even though those files are stored on the macs hdd.

we have now managed to get the mac to recognise the raid for long enough to archive the projects and export the timelines too. Tomorrow its a full wipe for the mac!

I think if you tell the Mac that somewhere else is your raid (like the main hard drive) then you should be able to do this. I only know this because my machine died on Thursday and the good folks at Alt Systems helped us out and I was able to get unarchived projects out without any media connected.

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Oh and now I see the rest of your post and it’s all relatively under control, so apologies for my, now unnecessary, advice!

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Any idea how you do that?

Would it be a case of attaching raid to different mac then mounting it through the network back to its original mac?

Think i tried that but probably didn’t!

Never un necessary…always useful to see how others solve a techie issue!

I think that in the Flame setup menu you can enter a path where the AutoDesk Media Storage resides.
So switch that to something else other than the dead Raid. But don’t actually start working on it ‘cos it will fill up pretty fast.
And maybe ask someone who really knows what they are talking about before relying on me…

Did that…but it would not show any projects when opening flame.
Just glad we managed to rescue them by fluke more than logic!

Sometimes that’s just what you need!

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