Archive not completing

I’m trying to archive off a timeline/conform and the estimated size is about 410 gb. I’m caching source media, caching uncached media. It starts archiving and gets to just about 150 gb, then stops. It puts me back into the archive interface with the clip still showing as pending archive. I can select archive again, but it starts from 0, going toward 410 gb again. (Thus I believe, duplicating data on the drive I’m archiving to.)

I’ve tried multiple times and am unable to archive this. Flame 2022.3, Centos. What gives?

Any hints from your shell/message log?

I hate this. I had one that I ended up stepping through a chunk at a time until I found the offending clip. Can’t remember what it was. Somthing like a courrupt .mov or like that. I’m sure you don’t want to do it bit by bit so maybe it has an error log?

What about the archive log file? Is that getting written?

Terminal log has multiple PID 207648: Cannot set lock “[archive file path]”

It’s not generating a log file with the archive files…

Not a great help then :disappointed:

Thanks though. Turns out no option or options tried archiving will allow me to archive this damn clip. Guess I won’t be upgrading my box this week.

Did you try smaller archive sizes, say 1gig

I didn’t. I finally had to give up. Next time I’ll try that. Thanks.

Are you sure you’ve got enough storage free? Trying archiving to a different path/volume/someething?\

Yeah I checked that. Shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks though.

What is the file system for the target drive?

NFS on Pegasus.