Flame 2022 - Camera Analysis - Multiple Projectors

Hey all!

I’m scratching my head over this a little bit. I have to believe doing this is possible, but I’m running out of ideas to try.

Basically, I’m using the new Camera Analysis tool (which woks great!) in 2022.0.1 to do some cleanup with projections. I need to do several projections though, as I have some elements with different orientations in the scene.

Unfortunately, no matter what I do, the last projector I add overrides all previous projectors. This makes it so I cannot project different cleanup.

I have some supplemental screen grabs below, but here’s a break down of what I have in the setup…

  • Action node with plate being fed into the BG and tracked by camera analysis

  • Two media inputs into the Action. Media 1 has cleanup for a background element. Media 2 has different cleanup for a foreground element.

Per Grant’s tutorial, I created a scene tracker, 3D shape, & a projector using a freeze frame of “Media 1.” At this point it works perfectly and as expected, cleaning up the background correctly.

Next, I add another scene tracker based off a different point selection, a new 3D shape for the foreground element, and a new projector using the cleanup from “Media 2” to feed it.

This is where it gets weird.

The tracking and cleanup for the second projector works for the intended foreground cleanup, but it also overrides the first projector. So, now both of the 3D shapes are receiving the “Media 2” cleanup from the second projector. It’s as if the first projector doesn’t exist.

Weirder still, I made completely separate Action outputs for both the pieces of cleanup. Even when the output for the projector 1 cleanup has projector 2 completely deselected/hidden (as seen in my screen grab) the output 3D shape STILL receives the projector 2 media.

Please tell me there’s a way around this that doesn’t involve one Action per projector…

P.S. This post seems to suggest a solution to this issue, but I tried and it doesn’t work. At least I couldn’t get it to. The multiple cameras you see in my screen grab are an artifact of trying this method.

I believe doing a light link between each projector and the geo each one should apply to will fix that for you.




That worked! I knew there had to be a simple solution to this that I wasn’t thinking of! I always forget that “light link” works for stuff other than… you know… lights…

Thank you!!