2022 cameraAnalysis questions

I’ve been working in 2022 for a few weeks now and like the new camera tracker a lot, but there are a few limitations (or maybe I just don’t know how it works correctly yet) that I am coming up against…

  1. How do I use more than 1 projector in the same action node, if I need to clean up multiple things?

  2. The Projector Freeze Frame is great for saving a second by not having to use a Mux node, but what if I want to use a freeze frame that we can do things to, that animate, upstream?

Thanks for any help!

Hey @jan, I’m not anywhere near a machine right now, so I won’t get to question 2, but as for using multiple “projectors” I’ve always found the camera projection method, shooting onto surfaces with diffuse maps set to a single frame copy of your action camera, more reliable than actual projectors, which can be quite fiddly and have a lot of extra functions that you don’t really need if you’re just patching in cleanup.

For multiple projections, you do need multiple surfaces, you can’t add multiple diffuse maps to the same surface (at least, I’ve never been able to). And, obviously, the above assumes that all of your projections are based on the same frame; if you need to do multiple projections, you need multiple projection cameras.

There is a trick to making projection cameras with the new analyzer: you need to duplicate your default camera, then add a mimic link to the analyzer from your new duped camera, then un-mimic, and the keyframes will be baked into your duplicate camera.

Let me know if any of that needs to be clarified, I’m on vacation and mayyyyy have been drinking.

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