Flame 2022 install issue

Just downloaded, un-tarred & ./INSTALL_FLAME in root. Said it installed fine.

I am not seeing the Flame 2022 login on the main page. What did I do wrong?

Flame doesn’t make separate ‘flame_xxxx’ system users on Linux anymore, you just use your own. (See the release notes for more info)

Thanks for the reply.

At the linux login screen under “Menu” I changed the Session type to GNOME (I had no idea about this and I am digging this interface).

I am able to launch Flame 2022 from the GNOME Applications window, by logging in as root or in Flame_2021.2.1 user. I followed the instructions in the link and created a new user.

At the linux login screen I can still only see “Flame_2021.2.1 Update” or “root”.

I searched the knowledge base and found where I can remove a user from the login screen but not add one. There is a Getting rid of user with a python script to add a user, but I am not sure of the syntax and keep getting errors when trying to figure it out. I’m sure there is a simple command, but I’m not finding it and linux is not my strong suit.

I’m sure it’s pretty simple. I started a case, hopefully I will get the answer and will share when I do.

sounds like a perfect thing for @Gunpowder friends.

Note, I don’t think running under Gnome is officially supported unless you’re also running on CentOS 8.2 and Flame 2022.

Back in KDE, you can turn on which users are listed on the login window by going to System Settings and at the bottom under System Adminstration category, click Login Screen. Then on the Users tab, you can check users on and off.

I got this back from Autodesk and used it:

cd /opt/Autodesk/flame_2022/bin/res
./customizeUser.py --createUser Flame_2022 --createUserHome /opt/Autodesk/flame_2022 --createUserDesc Flame_2022

I was able to find the user settings in both KDE and GNOME. It all seems to be working now, except I have to put password in when logging in to Flame_2022 now, which I am ok with.

As usual, thanks for the replies and help!

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I just went through this with Marta. ANyone know how to log a request to have this option put back in? I have no idea how to build a proper user in Linux with all the permission set like the installer does. I am good now having the create user feature, but it would be great for us no Linux pros to have the option back. How do I log this request? I used to just email someone. I know it is a web page somewhere.

The User creation is outlined here…

And support is here…

Hi @marcwellington,

The rationale behind the changes made in 2022 is that we want Flame to be more ecosystem friendly and less restrictive at the Operating System level.

In clear, we gave some controls back to the users so that Flame can be integrated more easily into pipelines (as for example same users with defined permissions running different applications on the same workstations or across a network),

About your question, you can open a feature request to get the old option back on feedback.autodesk.com.

Please, let me know if you have any questions.