How to get the pre Flame 2022 CentOS User Desktop back

I was wondering if someone knows the trick how to get the CentOS Desktop back when we used to install the DKU before Flame 2022 came out.
The standard user which we now have to create for Flame 2022 in CentOS 7.6 get‘s a different looking Desktop. There are also some OS based keyboard shortcuts active which collide with Flame keyboard shortcuts.

In your system settings try looking in shortcuts and gestures, I had a similar issue and I had to turn a couple of things off in there

Take a look at this page and the script which will setup the environment for a specified user account.

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The script located in /opt/Autodesk/flame_2022 creates a new user but doesn’t seem to customise KDM & KDE. The Flame related icons are also missing.

But the same script located in /opt/Autodesk/flame_2021.2.1 does the job. The ‘old’ desktop with the icons is back.