Flame 2022.3.1 not available on Autodesk.com

Hello hive!

I’ve just started to upgrade to 2022.3.1, archived everything etc…and found out I couldnt find 2022.3.1 installer on the Autodesk website. It has only 2022.0.1 :frowning: I’m now wasting my time and my engineer’s. Does anyone have a link to Linux version of 2022.3.1?

Thank you so much!

I see it under my account. Make sure you are looking at not just the past 3 months in the top right corner.


You are my hero!!!

This constantly trips people up. I can’t think of a single application who’s historical versions are laid out in this way.

Yep, so true. Btw, do you know if I have to install a new DKU with 2022.3.1? I’m coming from 2020. I’m not sure if I see DKU in the tar archive.

The DKU is avail from a separate link. I know, I know.

HINT! The links are in the Description of this video if ya ever get lost…

Or of course, here is the link to the DKU page.

Yes, there are new DKUs. Install the latest and greatest.

You are my Hero^1024!

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10bit status. Hell yeah!

Don’t be so negative!