Silly Question -

Anyone know if I can install 2022.0.1 if I’ve already upgraded to 2022.1? Or if archives from 2022.1 can be read by 2022.0.1? Have a client who has yet to take the full step to 2022.1 while I already have made that leap.

Not a silly question at all. Always install in ascending order of version numbers. Always. So, you’d have to uninstall 2022.1 and install 2022.0.1 then reinstall 2022.1. And no, archives made in future version of Flame can’t be read by older versions.

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I usually keep a couple of versions on my box, but a .0 version step… oh well

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I thought that was just Linux? We’ve installed several mid-versions on the imac pro running Catalina without incident. Yet. Obviously none of the media in the various projects on other versions would be backwards compatible.

It is a Linux only issue. I was successful in installing an older version right in between my 2022.1 and 2021.2.2. Just had to run a backup of my boot drive before attempting high flying gymnastics

Archives from a newer version can never be opened in an older version meaning that archives from 2022.1 cannot be opened in 2022.0.1