Flame 2024.2.1 HotFix Linux

Did anyone have a clue this was released? I never get announcement emails or any type of communication about minor versions. The only way I know is to randomly check the ADSK site. This seems like really bad customer UX. Can ADSK people please announce EVERY version here, or an RSS feed or an email blast.

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It looks like it got filed next to startframe


When I was in the 1st grade, I learned that if you put a library book on a shelf in the wrong place, it might as well be considered lost forever. By the same logic, if you put something in the manual, but don’t tell anyone it’s there. . . . We used to get e-mail blasts when new releases were made available. This has been available since last week and (forgive me if I’m wrong and missed it) there has been no announcement.



Oh nice! Thanks… :slight_smile:

aaand… yes… I would looooove to be informed about releases like this by email, or snapchat, whatsapp, tiktok… whatever…

Hi Alan

Usually, there’s always a communication posted on Logik for minor releases but this one has been released later than usual last week and that’s why it wasn’t announced until yesterday afternoon.

We will see what we can do to improve this workflow.



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Thank you Martin… Not only was I un-aware there was a 24.2.1, but then even a HotFix. Only reason I knew, was that the QFE I got was 24.2.1.caseXXXXXXX.

As paying customers I think ADSK should be emailing us directly.

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Yep an email is the way it should be.
FYI and no disrespect to anyone but in reality there are a lot of Flame Artists and most definitely engineers who rarely look at this forum and some who never have or will.

Anyone try downloading the Mac version? It just starts spilling code into the browser window. Autdesk Support wasn’t understanding and kept trying to give me 2024.2

We’ve downloaded it w/o any issue. Are you doing a file “Save As…” or “Open” ?
You can try switching to another web browser like FF or Chrome.

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Works in Safari. Weird, I could get 2024.2 in Chrome from the products update page.