Flame 2024.2.2 has been released

Much like me, many of you may not know that Flame 2024.2.2 was released on April 30. I’ve asked ADSK guys to announce EVERY version here as there seems to be no way to get this information other than checking the

I remember seen a post about 2024.2.2 here. Maybe you just missed it

Thank you. Seems I did.

We shouldn’t have to look here. We should get an e-mail at the address of the license holder. We went over this a while back. The technology for such an alert is almost as old as the text node.


Speaking of finding archives of flame-news, the gripes about ADSK marketing and publicity and basic info to customers go back as far as when Discreet was acquired.
Downright nutty.

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I would argue that it was when they dropped the Logic!