Flame 2024

hey all. tell me about 2024 flame release? anyone got the details - M native support is good enough right there!

actually found the new features list ! and a video. all looks excellent.



Autodesk Flame Family 2024 Help | What’s New in Flame Family 2024 | Autodesk


it says that in version 2024
Flame, Flame Assist, and Flare are now natively supported on Mac computers equipped with Apple silicon processors, like the M1 and M2.

Could someone make a benchmark test with Flame 2024 on a recommended Apple Slicon and share with us.
Is it fast?


The updates for batch’s paint are great. I missed a lot the brush presets boxes like classic paint.
And the rest of updates …someone will sleep happier tonight. :rofl:


And noticing a familiar voice on the Flame Learning channel - Jeff Kyle (@Jeff).

May that be the start to fresh content on the channel in many other ways too.


I just ran the benchmark and I’d say it’s a hell of an update:

2023.0.1 - 13min 24sec
2024 - 6min 45sec

Mac Studio, M1 Ultra 64core GPU, 128Gb Ram


Damn. That’s quite a difference.

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One wonders what the speed increases are like on the RTX cards and Rocky…


is there a benchmark batch to run? if so I cna run it on my M2 too


Most important thing you should take care of is selecting Preferences-timeline-rendering-Framebased rendering. Otherwise measured time will be so different.

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must be doing something wrong here. on flame 2023-latest -its 27 mins. and flame 2024 its 25 mins. Mac Studio maxed out

I got a similar speed to your 2024 score on 2023 with the exact same hardware config. Did you definitely render them the same way? You need to use render and not render selected.

Not much change. Just ran it on my system (Rocky 8,7, i9 16core 12900K, 128GB, A5000).

On 2023.3: 6m 52s
On 2024: 6m 42s

Minor caveat for 2024 I had to put the frame store on slightly slower disk, but I don’t think that’s a material bottleneck on this benchmark.

ahah no - I selected all the tracks and hit render selected… will try again

ok. 5 mins 20 now

6.50 on the old 2023-3 version