Flame Benchmark for 2024

I’m starting a new thread to branch away from Flame Benchmark Archive

It looks like the previous spreadsheet got borked and it wasn’t very current anyway.

I’ve created a form to enter information. Let me know if there’s anything major I’m missing:

You can still download the Benchmark Archive here


@bryanb You rock!!

Thanks Bryan it’s a good idea !

@bryanb Can you add the track based render in the options ? there is only the frame option. Faster with track base on mac studio

Done. Do you think there needs to be more instructions to explain frame-based vs. track based or does everyone know what to do there? It’s explained in the benchmark archive.

I have a snapshot of the old spreadsheet from June of 2022. I’m going to try to add that info to the new survey.

Here is the 2024 spreadsheet:

I’m trying to figure out if I can let people filter and sort but not modify the data…

How do I see the render time in Flame?
I’m not clocking this with the stopwatch on my phone, right?
Running Linux.

Oh, yes you are :grin:


Here is a simple Python script you can use to get render time. It will show a message in the shell when a render completes:

render_timer.py (172 Bytes)


Awesome, thanks

@bryanb can you make it so that users can submit more than once?

Done. Let me know if you can do more than one now.

Anyone tested 4090?

@bryanb can you add a link to view the results from the submission page?

Also, the old spreadsheet entries we may need to kill. There are entries there which were borked and unfortunately are vehemently false.

@randy Do you think I should just blast all the old spreadsheet entries? Or are there any worth keeping?