Flame Benchmark Archive?

Darn. I forgot to grab the Flame Benchmark Archive from Facebook. Anybody have that archive for Flame performance benchmarking lying around?


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Here is the link to my GDrive hosted spreadsheet,

And this is the link to the flame archive hosted on my GDrive.


Here’s a dumb question on the bench, when rendering, are people selecting everything on the timeline and hitting render-sel or only rendering the top layer with nothing selected. I’ve been doing the former…

Whatever is faster. Right? :slight_smile:

We…and by we I mean @Ton , were kickin around the idea in Discord of making a bit more of an easier Benchmark to make that also included some ML tools. The old benchmark archive, I THINK, was timeline in nature in order to include the ol’ Smoke on Mac/CFX/Batchless machines out there. Which, if memory serves me right, may now be obsolete.

Love mail? Hate mail?

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on a rainy Sunday morning I took finally the time to check my website (Autodesk Flame – SpeedCheck – Brylka – TooDee – PanicPost) and the old Flame Speed Check from 2018. I am on the flame beta and the first thing I try to render was the old benchmark.

I am sorry that I never updated the benchmark anymore. I also found the old benchmark results in a google sheet from I don’t know when :slight_smile:

So the more I am happy that I found over the Flame M1 thread that the benchmark is still in use and it got updated as well. That is very cool.
I would like to update the flame archive on my website as well.
Is the Flame_Benchmark_2020.2.zip the latest version that everyone is using?

I saw that it has some updated shaders and now its UHD@23.976 (16-bit fp).

I would like to add a line or two in the disclaimer and as the sequence is already now in float and I am a nerd for HDR (hdr.toodee.de), I think I need to render a UHD version of the benchmark :sunglasses:

best regards


I know its outdated now, but my old benchmark with the lastest beta is a lot faster now. :nerd_face:

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…and here is a fresh render of the 2020.2 benchmark that I downloaded from the google sheet link.
In rendered it for fun in an ACES project and exported an HDR version. I wanted to try out the HDR UI function in flame for the first time. :sunglasses:

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I think people are probably doing it wrong and rendering only around 250 frames ?