Flame Benchmark Archive?

Darn. I forgot to grab the Flame Benchmark Archive from Facebook. Anybody have that archive for Flame performance benchmarking lying around?


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Here is the link to my GDrive hosted spreadsheet,

And this is the link to the flame archive hosted on my GDrive.


Here’s a dumb question on the bench, when rendering, are people selecting everything on the timeline and hitting render-sel or only rendering the top layer with nothing selected. I’ve been doing the former…

Whatever is faster. Right? :slight_smile:

We…and by we I mean @Ton , were kickin around the idea in Discord of making a bit more of an easier Benchmark to make that also included some ML tools. The old benchmark archive, I THINK, was timeline in nature in order to include the ol’ Smoke on Mac/CFX/Batchless machines out there. Which, if memory serves me right, may now be obsolete.

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