Flame environment variables and centralized environment

Hello Flame folks,
I’m looking into ways of launching flame with a more centralized environment. We often use application centric environment variables and flags to manipulate certain things on launch.
I’ve found the list of launch flags that I can use on the cmd line.
I’m also aware of several “DL_*” environment variables, like DL_PYTHON_HOOK_PATH, DL_GMASK_AUTO_MOVE_MODE, etc.

Is there a full list of these variables available somewhere?

Any other tips for more “centralized” application environment?


@Jacob There is no list of environment variables available.

That being said, what you are trying to achieve is something that we would like to improve for the future so please send me a direct message if you would like to have a chat with members of the development team on that subject so we can identify your needs an requirements.

@fredwarren Thanks Fred! I have sent a direct message on the autodesk site.

Hi Jacob,

If you are interested in truly optimizing your Flame experience for centralization, checkout my S&W videos on my YouTube channel. This has revolutionized our Flame workflow.

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