Matchbox Variables

Hi all

I’m trying to make a little batch using the matchbox variables. Because it’s an MX now I can’t figure out how to edit it. Can’t find this in the manual either.

Secondly, is there anyway to expression link the colour and ratio of a letterbox? I can’t see the values in the animation curves.

You can use Ivar’s crok_frameguides for the 2nd question.

As for your first question, I feel like you could easily create a dummy shader that does nothing but then hijack the XML and add all the variables you want to control there.

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Unfortunately, the crok doesn’t match the flame ltb - it’s a pixel out so it’s not a good swap - thanks for the suggestion though.

Unfortunately it looks like that’s the only way to create a letterbox based on variables/expressions since you can’t keyframe burn-in letterbox.

Is it the softening on the edge where 1px discrepancy lies? If so you could always feed it a white frame and then use a histo to get rid of the softness. Or maybe cut it in two and shift within action? Super hack-y though and it might not scale nicely with different resolutions.

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Ivar and I talked about the letterbox. It was his contention that the flame one was wrong, and he convinced me of that as well. To my recollection, of course, for whatever that’s worth.


The flame letterbox may be wrong but because it’s the defacto node at work i can’t really ignore it.