Flame Feedback requests implemented in 2021.2 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the list of requests submitted at flamefeedback.autodesk.com that have been implemented in the Flame 2021.2 Update. Thanks to all of you who are using this platform.


FI-00421 : MediaHub Export: PNG support

FI-00490 : Keyboard Shortcut: Add a shortcut to open the Resource Manager.

FI-00734 : Batch: Allow elbows on Action inputs links in the Schematic

FI-00845 : Action: Color of the Z-Depth Output is hard to see in the Output list

FI-01698 : Markers: Add more tokens fo the Segment Markers

FI-01701 : Markers: Automatically open the comment field when adding a Marker

FI-01752 : Motion Vectors: Make the Motion vector cache persistent in the Effects tab

FI-02119 : Timeline Select Presets need All/Current Track search scope choice

FI-01843 : Bookmarks: Apply the MediaHub scope to the Conform Search Location.

FI-01874 : Conform: Updated Source sequence should stay in the same sequence reel.

FI-02046 : Action: Always display the selected object in the Object’s expanded UI.

FI-02139 : MediaHub: Have a Pattern Browsing on/off button always visible.

FI-02204 : Media Panel: Launch project with libraries closed

FI-02228 : Media Export: OpenEXR DWAA Compression level option

We will also consider that the new Search widget solves the two following requests:

FI-00607 : Batch: Select nodes in the node bin using a tag or a part of their name

FI-01766 : Batch: Move the Matchbox important tools like MasterGrade node to the ‘All’ nodes bin.


FI-00734 : Batch: Allow elbows on Action inputs links in the Schematic

Thanks Fred. It’s a great feeling to see my own request being implemented :smiley:

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For me, this is always the best part of every release!

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