Flame Feedback requests implemented in Flame 2024.2 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the list of requests submitted at flamefeedback.autodesk.com that have been implemented in the Flame 2024.2 Update.

Thanks to all of you who are using this platform.

FI-01771 Media Export: Add support for MP4

FI-01865 Subtitles: Ability to import .srt files

FI-02351 Subtitles: Ability to export .srt files

FI-03053 Wiretap: Ability to hardcode wiretap address

FI-03058 Tools: Enable 32-bit support for the Comp node

FI-03093 Nodes Bins: Ability to hide unused nodes


Sadly, I’m getting audio pops at the ends of my mp4’s

Please contact the support team so they can investigate the issue with you.

I shall. What is interesting is that if I load the clip back into flame the pop is gone. Not a choice my clients have when reviewing, of course.

This is strange since we use the same audio encoder for MP4 as we do for QuickTime (AAC) and never heard of an issue like that.

Are you able to get the same issue when exporting bars & tone OR only with the content you work with?

Please open a support ticket and provide content that can be used to reproduce the issue and not only the deliverables since the issue could be on the input side. Also, specify which application(s) & OS have been used to repro the issue. if Flame does not show the issue when re-importing back the encoded media file the issue could also be on the playback application.

I opened one last night and provided a sample with the spot compressed out of flame with a pop, and the same spot exported as prores then compressed in Media Encoder. Case # 21585612. I am in contact with support and they are looking into it.

Thanks a lot Tim!

Just an fyi…I’m getting the same thing.

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We have been able to reproduce the problem. @ytf and @kpix Could you both confirm you have exported your media files using Background Export? Could you validate that Foreground Export is generating files without the audio issue? What was the format of the source audio file you have used for your project?

I can confirm I used Background. The source files were .wav’s. I will check that and try Foreground Export when I get in this morning.

Thanks Tim!

After investigation, it seems that the issue is related to the stereo mixdown done when encoding AAC into MP4 in Background (QuickTime does not show the issue). so yo have two workaround for now:
-use Foreground Export
-use Background export but make sure to select No Mixdown option (Audio tab in Media Export / Advanced Options).

I always use “No Mixdown.” I will check and see if I left it on by accident.

Great, let me know what you will find.

These fixes work for me. Thanks Slabrie.

I can confirm that I had “No Mixdown” selected. Foreground works, although it puts a bottleneck in the workflow when I need to do 15 or 20 spots. Support asked for an archive of the spot and I will send it to them as a “real world” asset in the hope that it will help resolve the issue for background exports.

Maybe im a bit late to this. And I am still a junior but is there an in software solve for Premiere XMLs not lining up when brought into Flame? Usually the cuts get progressively worse as well as timewarps, repos and scales not always lining up.

That is the reason the whole OTIO effort is so important for us, the whole exchange of data between timeline applications and editorial tools is a freaking joke.

Accurate XML repos from Premiere into Flame, Fixed by Python - Logik Forums

Start here Remy. There’s a python script that kinda/mostly fixes Premier XML timewarps and scaling.

But end of day it’s still billable eye matching hours


Please make sure to open a support ticket and provide XML files showing the issue.

Thanks for the updated! You are right, the issue is also audible without Mixdown. We are working on a fix and I will keep you updated on when you can get it.

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