Audio Export on 2024.2.1


I started using 2024.2.1 and just found that my install won’t let me export clips with audio while doing it in the background, it just works exporting as a foreground task. I tried the audio from an imported MP4 Quicktime, I tried importing the audio as an AIF and I tried exporting the audio from flame as a WAV (which never happened) and none seems to work. Except when doing it in the foreground.

When doing it as a background process it just hangs there at 0%.

Anyone encountered this behaviour?

Running 2024.2.1 on MacOS Ventura.

No problem here on a 2019 MacPro But running the latest Sonoma 14.3
Maybe the WiFi is on by accident?
Delete everything from the BB task list, restart the Mac…?

  • Maybe try a cold shutdown(unplug the power and everything from the Mac, wait a couple minutes).-

Sorry can’t be of more help, just guessing here on things I’ve done in the past.

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Hello julioleon!

Make sure Flame and its services (wiretap & wiretap gateway) have Full Disk Access option enabled in System Settings / Privacy & Security menu.

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Thanks guys!

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