Flame Fundamentals - Module 8 - VFX in the Sequence - Parts 1 to 4

Hi All,

The first 4 videos of Module 8 of the Flame Fundamentals for Beginners has been posted on the Flame Learning Channel on YouTube.

This module will cover the setup and fundamentals of VFX in the sequence. This will be followed by lots of workflow examples of every day work.

Video 1 covers the introduction of the Timeline FX Pipeline, applying Timeline FX, the various controls and the render indications.

Video 2 looks at changing the speed of a shot and the various controls.

Video 3 shows you how to mix multiple resolutions in the sequence with the Resize Timeline FX.

Video 4 illustrates how to created an animated reframe of a high resolution shot using the Action Timeline FX.


Bravo, Grant, for this herculean effort!