Flame.import_clips to library


I’m using the method “flame.import_clips(path, import_location)” to paste file paths to reels successfully. I want it to also be able to paste into the library, but when I pass a PyLibrary object instead of pyReel, nothing shows up - it loads, goes through the code fine, doesn’t err or throw any exceptions, just nothing actually shows up there or seems to import if I then check library.clips.

If I print [lib object].name, I can see it’s definitely aiming for the right location, and printing the path and ls’ing that location shows me that it’s a valid image sequence, and it pastes in the path the “/dir/dir/image.[1001-1072].exr” and “dir/movie.mov” formats which I think should be fine according to the api.

Not sure what i’m doing wrong, would appreciate any help :slight_smile: !

If you are on Flame 2023.2 or 2023.3.0, this is a known issue ( FLME-62469 : It is not possible to import a single clip to a Library using the flame.import_clips() function ). This has been fixed in the Flame 2023.3.1 Service Pack

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thank you :smiley: