Flame 2022.2 Bug - For anyone using the MLTW or anything else that automatically imports a clip

Case #18369049

In Flame 2022.2 you have the option of setting the Media Hub to File Sequence or Frames. If it’s set to Frames and you use the MLTW script or any other python script that imports clips you will get an error. In the case of the MLTW your render will come back in to the desktop as a series of individual frames. For the auto import write file renders from Batch you will just get an error in the console.

Yes. I have found that settings left on in the media Hub will effect scripts that import @andymilkis
Flame 2020.3

When using anamorphic footage i import with ratio 2.0 switched on in the media hub.

I am lucky that I can squash that and make square pixels but if I now NiM publish, the clips it brings back in will have the wrong 2.0 ratio applied. (NiM does a publish and reimports openClips)

I have to reset my media hub before I do any NiM stuff.

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