Python - import and add clips to sequences

Hi Folks,
Not sure if this is possible, but thought I’d ask and see if any python guru’s have a solution.
Upcoming job has many episodes x many audio stems x many languages, versions running into 3 figures.
I know it’s possible to import the audio/video clips using python, but is it then possible to add them into an existing, or new sequence on specified tracks?

You can create new empty sequences and look at clips in existing sequences, but there’s currently no functions that I’m aware of to add clips to or otherwise construct sequences, or manipulate clips of existing ones in the way you would need.

thats what I thought, back to the old fashioned way

Another approach might be using python to write out multiple copies of an xml that links to your various audio versions and your single picture and importing with search “on.” Then you just import you 100 xml files instead.


Oh yeah… I kinda forgot about Open Clip. You could write an external Python script (or any language really) to generate .clip files that glue your video and audio files together as necessary. Then you just import the .clip files in Flame and it should just be done.

This looks like the way forward, just need to make it work now