Flame in a shared environment

When using Flame in a shared environment the traditional way eg connecting to other Flames to access projects and Framestores etc does Flame always use the GPU and CPU resources of the system opening the project?

If I have a project started on Flame A and I open it on Flame B is it correct to say that it’s Flame B’s GPU and CPU that will be used for processing, and Flame A’s Framestore that is used?

Are there any circumstances where Flame A’s CPU and GPU would be used when opening the project from Flame B?

I believe this to be the case but Flame A will take resources where needed to stop it from not processing.

Another question related to this topic - does anyone know how to share setups in realtime in a shared environment - I’ve tried making a symbolic link on the server but it doesn’t work.

At the mill we had the setups stored on the server but that needed a big pipeline change to make it work - I’m looking for a workaround that is much easier to install so everyone over teradici can access each others setups without having to copy and paste them or archive them.

Use a mixture of absolute paths and tokens in the BFX /Batch Iteration save locations in Preferences.

Instead of saving Batch Iterations locally, save them directly to shared storage.


Perfick - nice one @randy