Setup Shared Project and Library

So this is super new to me, I’m trying to setup a shared library setup at home between to flames on two imac conected to the same network. They are both conected to each other via finder and i believe all read/write permissions should be ok. Both computers can access each other and read/write.

Having trouble finding any guides on this subject

So I have flame A and flame B.

Flame A
In media hub A sees flame B under Autodesk network. And is able to se all of B projects. A is able to create a shared library and move it to a project on B. The shared librarey appers on Flame B but dosent register if changes are made to it on Flame A. Tried refreshing and releasing/accsessing access.

Flame B
Ses flame A in media hub but only under the files tab, not under projects network.

Are there any steps that need to be taken to connect two computers/projects to have a shared workflow? Mainly moving batches back and fort, the media will be located on separate drives for each computer.


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It would be helpful to have a little more information about what you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re hoping that your two Flames will be connected such that when you drop something into the shared library on either one it will appear in the shared library of the other, then you’re not going to be able to achieve that with your current setup. If your Flames each have their own storage for media then they aren’t really “sharing.” The Shared Library(and Flame more generally) doesn’t have any native auto-sync’ing features that I’m aware of. If you drop a clip into the Shared Library on Flame A, the media will still only reside on Flame A’s storage. It will need to be wired to Flame B before it can be accessed on Flame B, which will require manually push or pulling the media from one Flame to another.

In fact, unless you’re working off of a common stone then I’m pretty sure the Shared Library doesn’t really provide any additional functionality at all.

In practice, I find that the Shared Library is mostly just a bin that artists use as a designated library for others to pull from. Once a project gets too big I occasionally have artists tell me they can’t find the shot I’ve assigned them. In these cases I just drop it into my Shared Library, save off the project and then instead of digging through the rest of my libraries there is a clearly delineated space where even a monkey could find the setup.

If you want to create a workflow where two Flames are actually “sharing” the Shared Library then you’ll need to create one storage from which both Flames are working. I would highly recommend you watch Alan’s video on how to set this up.

As for Flame A seeing Flame B but Flame B not seeing Flame A there could be a few things going on. A good place to start might be with S+W on Flame B. You could play around with the S+W tools sw_wiretap_ping and sw_framestore_dump to get a better idea of whether Flame B is even connecting to Flame A. Then you may need to play around with the sw_probed.cfg to see if you can get Flame B to see Flame A. Worst case you could manually configure the sw_framestore_map.

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Wow Ryland Thanks for this.

My dream scenario would be to have my main flame with me in the client room. And have a second flame/flare close by that i could give batches to. Even better if i could give complete reels. Perhaps if i needed help doing som 9:16 formating from the 16:9 edits. Then i could give the second flame the complete reel with all the 16:9 timelines, have the croping done and returned. My thinking was that both flames would have the same footage on individual drives (i never cache media, only soft import) so it could easily be synced. Im guessing a shared storage would be an even better solution. At the moment we do this manually via finder, sending batches and archive back and fort, but would be great to eliminate that step if possible. I remeber seing a flame live once on youtube were they showed the workflow between flare and flame using shared librarys and it looked lika something like this.

The way that Shared Libraries is supposed to work might actually be what you’re after.
Say you (Edvin) have a project called MyProject on FlameA. When you started that you will have selected the Workspace that says flame on whatever your machine is called (localhost), (or more likely you would have not really looked at the Workspace tab because we don’t look at it generally)
You’re working away making stuff, but then want to pass some work off to another artist (Andy) working on FlameB.
This assumes that both your Flames are on the same network and can see each other through the project tab in the MediaHub.
Instead of Andy starting a new project on FlameB he opens Edvin’s MyProject on FlameA but creates a new Workspace (workspace1) on FlameB (localhost).
Now both Edvin and Andy can see the content of the Shared Libraries (as long as you remember to hit save when you put something in there) and you can pass stuff back and forth.
I don’t think it makes any difference if you are caching locally or soft importing.

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wow thanks andy! This is really great! Seems to be what Im looking for. Now is think i understod most of if exept the part “Instead of Andy starting a new project on FlameB he opens Edvin’s MyProject on FlameA but creates a new Workspace (workspace1) on FlameB (localhost).”

How does “Andy” open Edvins projekt :slight_smile:

Yes you are correct n assuming that workspaces is something ive never paid much attention to and just assumed they were for bigger studios working in collab.

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Tried now to switch host on “andys” flame B under the host tab to “Edvins imac” (guessed this is how i would access MyProject) but then i get an error message saying “stone+wire server is unresponsive” conection refused. Guessing this might be som permission stuff?

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Glad to hear this could be useful.
Instead of making a new project on his machine, Andy selects Edvin’s machine in the Project and User Settings window (the one where you create a new project). This should be in the drop-down menu under Host Computer.
Then Andy would select the Workspace1 on his own machine.

If that doesn’t work, then as you suggest it could be permissions or setups somewhere along the line.

Thanks andy :slight_smile: yes seems most likely som permission issue. I scedueld a call with autodesk for this wednsday so the will hopefully be able to guide me the last steps.

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Good Luck. Hope you get it all working!


I’ve created a project and instead of using the /opt/Autodesk default path, I configured it to use a location on a server. I worked for a day then moved to another machine. I set the new machine up to use the same location on the server for setups. Everything seemed to work well. Third day of the job and the flame wouldn’t start the project on either machine.

Question - is this a completely stupid way to do things? Should each machine always have its own setups folder?