Flame on Mac Pro...3rd party RAM...issues?

First, why is it called 3rd party? Assuming Apple is the “first party”…shouldn’t it be called “second party” RAM?

Whatever. Getting a new Mac Pro and was wondering if anyone’s had issues using “second party” RAM instead of Apple RAM?

Also I’d love to hear about your experiences helming this shiny new thing with feet they call Flame on Mac Pro!

Yeah the only probs I’ve had with non apple ram is figuring what to buy with all the money I save.

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ditto, zero issues. with a matched set of ram.

Although, the Mac Pro specs say you can put in different size sticks. (see the white papers). that did introduce some instability for me.

I use my 32 gigs of premium apple ram plus OWC 128 no probs. Try it. If it works great. If it doesn’t save it for service calls.

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apple ram has a bunch of gold and platinium inside I cant otherwise understand the price.

i added 192gb of ram to the 32gb the MacPro came with and saved over £1000 on Apples prices!

Not only gold and platinum. Their RAM and other hardware has a lot of overpriced marketing inside and outside :slight_smile:

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Dell and HP also have insane markups on ram prices on their websites. It’s not unique to apple.

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every reseller will instately be much cheaper than apple, I ordered my MP from a specialised reseller and they put in owc or whatever ram with no questions asked