Flame performance with non managed media

Greetings. I alternate workflows depending on job, crew etc … I’m coming to the end of a campaign with a lot of different spots … a lot. I’m using a workflow with no managed media and openclip timelines. In the last day or two things have come to a halt. Extremely slow save project times and Flame startup times. I’ve used this workflow on countless jobs (Thanks P.M. for the lessons), but this is the first time I’ve used it on a mac (2019 mac pro). I’m not saving iterations or anything in the library, everything is on a very fast filesystem and linked to the openclips. Meta data only … ish in Flame. Does anybody else experience slow downs with similar workflows. The only think I can think of is the timelines holding all the different versions of shots in the metadata. I don’t know. All great until Thursday. Any tips would be welcome.

This has happened to me over the years, on both Mac Pros and maxed Linux machines. Taking the VIP clips into a new project seems to help.

This happens often on my Mac Pro 2019.
The more clips in your library the longer the save times, so if you’ve got loads of versions on a desktop and they’re saved loads of times over the length of the project it’s compounding the problem.
I found a good way to speed things speedy was to clear the desktop before quitting and close unused libraries.
Also get rid of those old wips that are archived and useless.

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Yes…one more for closing unused libraries. I work on mostly long form, thousands of clips, tons of libraries and pre build segments and if i don’t close most of the libraries i don’t need…my auto saves are brutal.

Thanks guys. The thing I don’t understand is that I have an empty desktop. 1 library with 1 reel group containing 22 edits. That’s it. There are zero clips, zero batch groups etc in the library. Everything is unmanaged. I’d think that given all of that Flame would be fast as hell. Each edit, has anywhere between 2 - 50 versions of the shots within the edit. All versions unmanaged. I executed the nuclear option and just started a new project, everything is fine. All of the edits still reference every version of the shots ever created, but now it’s fast. Temp libraries … ? I don’t know. Bit of a bummer though.

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I’ve seen the same thing happening on our linux machine on different projects.
No media cached, no batch groups, only super simple bfx for graphics overlay, just different edits linking to openclips. In the beginning everything is super fast, at the end of the project with more versions in the openclips (typically not more than about 15) loading the project and saving takes ages. :frowning:

You’re welcome - I’m glad you’re using it.

It’s probably an undo stack and there’s not much you can do about that.
How many CPUs in your box?
How much RAM?

I have a box with a half terabyte of ram sitting in the garage if you need it.

Call me.

Oh & call me if you ever need a spare pair of hands on a job.

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Hi Folks,

Any more useful tipps after all this time?

I’m now a victim of brutal auto safe times, too. 20 minutes and more when working on a desktop with 96 sequences of unmanaged media which need to be in sync.
I’m nearly unable to work seriously.

Project itself consists of hundrets of hundrets of sequences with unmanaged media.
All other unused librarys are closed.

Also a 2019 MacPro with fast storage and fast SAN.

Will create a new project and wire everything to that one and hope that helps.

I ended up having to create a new project and copy everything over. Not sure what the underlying issue is. But this worked for me.

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