Flame playing back too fast

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Has anyone seen this issue before? When I hit play on the timeline, the clip plays faster than real-time. This is Flame 2023.3 on Rocky. I’ve tried clips on their own but also in an timeline with audio and the results are consistent. Is this a setting I’ve somehow missed?

Any thoughts or suggestions are 1000% appreciated.

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You can check in the dropdown of the playbutton, whether it’s set to real time or ‘play every frame’. With good luck this might be the problem, as somehow it gets switched sometimes.

If not also there was a rare bug of that happening when you have an exr sequence.

I checked all that stuff for sure. I think I’ve figured it out now though. It appears to be somehow tied to the refresh rate of the monitor. So once I lowered that to 60Hz it seems to be performing as expected. Thanks for reading. I hope this helps someone in the future!


As documented here, refresh rates higher than 60 Hz are not supported.


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Thanks @Slabrie ! Much appreciated.

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