Flame Renders are downgraded and pixelized when rendered on timeline. Flame 2023.2

I am on Flame 2023.2.
I am working in 16x9 timelines… and have not done anything differently from how I always would. I also have not changed any preferences within flame, to my knowledge.

PROBLEM. When I see my layuered timelines, they look perfect until I hit render. After render they appear pixelized. See screengreabs:

Any ideas as to what’s going on and how to trouble shoot this? Why would my picture be degrading?

I want to stress… the only place I see degradation is when on timeline. All my Batch renders look perfect.

Any ideas?

Can this have something to do with Project settings for Cache and Renders?

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Resize node in the timeline set to Nearest or something else that’s making them look dodgy?

Never worked with proxies in Flame so just a guess, but with that compression it looks like flame renders the timeline in Proxy mode.

Is there a timeline specific proxy mode?? If this somehow happened, it wasn’t intentional. Going to dig into the manual when I get off my client screening.

Nope. Set to Full Resolution :frowning:

Wild guess:
Check your project config. Maybe it’s set to something low quality like ProRes422Proxy.
With this each sequence living in 8 or 10bit will be stored as such when rendered.
When clips are unrendered the sequence limitations doesn’t take effect.

Yeah this looks like massive compression damage, I think your project render settings are set to something gross. On the main Project screen (like when you launch Flame), or in Project Settings inside Flame, if you click on Manage, what is your Preferred Format set to?

This looks to be promising, as it does seem to be set low. I don’t know how it changed from my default but it did.

Can you chance this setting mid project? I assume it would just need time to recache and render etc?

Or is the best method to start a new project with right settings and drag the old project into it? @ChrisKasten @ManChicken

Thank you gentleman for chiming in on this

Create a correct project and transfer everything over. You should just need to rerender your timelines since all renders in 16bit ab probably fine.

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You should be able to just Modify the project from that window I screenshot, and then purge any existing caches on your timeline and rerender them.

Thanks Gents.
Beers on me next NAB