Flame software differences linux vs. mac

hi there,
if i remember correctly, there should be somewhere a comparison chart, showing all the differences between linux and mac flame version…
…but unfortunately, i can’t find something like this…
Am i missing something?
Can someone help here?
1k thx in advance

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Do you mean features or bugs?


There aren’t any differences in features that I know of. The main thing to look at is the speed of rendering with a mac GPU versus the more versatile options of GPU on linux.

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There are not much differences. Some know examples:

  • The Cache & Renders options (at Project Creation) are not the same
  • Background Reactor is not available on macOS
  • The import GPU pipeline is not as effective on macOS
  • There are slight differences on how we deal with the Monitors’ Colour Space and the Wacom Driver.
  • The Hardware Anti-Aliasing can’t go as high on macOS

Some pbr map types were not supported under the MacOS due to the limitations of the gpu.

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@all thank u!

And the dreaded constant freezing doesn’t affect Flame on mac.

Also interactivity on some operations is much more responsive on the mac compared to linux.

But the opposite is also true…


Well, one particular feature that I have reported as a bug several years ago is still there on linux and not mac.
When you increase / decrease a numerical value by selecting the numeric box and using the keyboard arrows, when you let go of the arrow key, the numbers continue to change for quite some time. This does not happen on a mac, it instantly stops.
This never used to happen on linux but has been like this fro several versions now and its very annoying.


Yeah, it’s even worse when you’re remotely logged into a linux box. It goes forever…

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Sounds like a key repeat duration issue.

You could be right, but it’s been like that for several versions now. I was beginning to think it was just me.

Likely it has been that way for several versions because you upgraded to a new version of Centos. It is unique to you/your setup for sure.

I hate that . . .

It’s been that way for years.

Don’t think that’s related, we recently upgraded to 7.6 and it’s still there.

I’m on 8.whatever and it’s still here. I seem to remember it on my z800 also, which I got rid of over 2 years ago.

Thanks Tim, glad it’s not just me.

I’ve always just taken for granted that it was everybody. I liken it to driving a locomotive: you need to anticipate your stops ahead of time and coast into the station.