Linux vs Mac

Just wondered what are peoples thoughts on 2022.2 on Linux vs Mac?
I have been having horrendous issues on our linux box, (case submitted), yet my hackintosh at home is working like a charm, way better than my linux box, albeit slightly slower.

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Since February 2021 I work on a 16” Mac book pro almost maxed out… I have mixed feelings.
@ work I am on 2021.2.1version of flame.
It is (obviously) portable. It is very stable. Plenty fast for medium batch setups.
I have other software installed that won’t exist on Linux.
I rendered my ofow entry to that at 4:30 hours. (Give or take)

@ home I am on 2022.0.1
I have a ryzen 5950 with 32 go ram and an old 980ti. Mostly to test versions and see new stuff.
Due to my gpu limitation it never rendered ofow. It is also very stable and that cpu is a beast.
At certain task is at least twice as fast than the Mac.
In general I like Linux But ADSK centos , to my knowledge, is not so flexible.

I hope M1 version of flame would fly.

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I work on both my maxed out i9 16" MBP and my official Dell linux box and obviously the speed difference is massive but also on my MBP things feel more sluggish… just the interface feels more sluggish compared to linux. It’s perfectly workable and I’m very happy that it’s possible to carry around my Flame … but every time I jump onto the big iron I’m like… ooooh… that’s how it’s supposed to feel…

So no issues with freezing or lagginess on your linux box?

Nope… most of those freezes are gone in 2022.2… some are still there but far less than in 2022.0… the ones that are left are really hard to nail down… lagginess was never an issue.

First time I had a problem with the FPS, for playback, I’ve bought another cable USB-c to displayport and the problem was solved.
Just this week I’m having problems with the quality of playback

Not for me.

Meh. But that’s interesting… there must be some other component(s) then that cause this. Checked with support already?

Yeah, I have a case open.
Seems to get worse the larger my batch setup.