Flame subscription annual increase?

Hello logik people, I just wanted to ask if this goes for everyone. We are up for renewal on our Flame subscription and I was shocked with how high the increase was. Its around 30%, in 1 year? Our reseller told us that this will we be an annual thing? Is this true? Currently an annual single user login account renewal will cost us 5,380 USD, last year it was 4,000 USD

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Still listed as $4,870 on the Autodesk site. What resellers package this with can be a different story. Also this is the pre-tax cost.

In 2022 the price from Autodesk was $4,635. That’s just a 5% increase then YoY.

In general a lot of software subscriptions have seen price increases. Some of it based on actual economic conditions, others no doubt sliding in some greedflation.

Last year I paid $4625 directly from Autodesk. This number did not include sales tax.

4,870 usd is still a better price, if only we could buy directly from Autodesk, but the transaction wont go through unless we have a US business address. I guess will have to go with our reseller and just hope that next years price increase wont be as bad. Thanks for the inputs gents