FLAME with AdobeRGB ColorSpace Import / Export

Hello Everybody,

I work with an Agency which is working with pictures in Adobe98 Color Space.
Tiff files or PSD i get from them are Adobe98.

I tried a lot of import / color Management node / export to try to keep this colorspace at the export but I didn’t get the exact same picture from Flame.
The picture is not colorSpace tagged.

What is the right workflow / roundtrip to keep Pictures in AdobeRGB 98 colorspace with Flame / Photoshop ? (And keep the same result and ColorSpace tagged in the Picture at the Flame Export ?

Thank you

Have a look in colour transform (custom) and see what is available in the “interchange “ section.

interchange - Converts colors in a connection space to and from spaces that are commonly used for file input and output, such as AdobeRGB and sRGB.

This is not a workflow I am familiar with but have seen AdobeRGB in there.

Adobe RGB is similar to sRGB, gamma 2.2. White point of D65. Except is has a bigger colour gamut designed to encompass most of the colours available on a CMYK printer.

seems like a interesting challenge, such a weird workflow.

i mean bascially you could just completely ignore what they did and tag your output images using photoshop to adobeRGB again… so you just treat it as sRGB as long as you

obviously when you need to do video from it or mograph, there is no adobeRGB quicktime tag in which case you need to change the primaries to be good for video and as long as there is nothing out of sRGB gamut you dont see any change…

Just tried it from batch and it just seems to always write jpegs and pngs out as sRGB tagged even if they are tagged adobeRGB in flame. (display-> adobeRGB)
Tif just goes out with no tags.

Flame is not really a tool for still images so i am pretty sure that wont work with the tags. but just keeping the actual RGB values intact is not a problem, in macos you can just go to tools->assign profile in the image viewer and tag it adobeRGB after export

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