FMX 2024... Wanna grab a beer?

Hello lovely Flame People!

So I have been advertising for FMX for the last couple of months? What is FMX? Glad you asked. The Film and Media Exchange is a congress/convention/trade show/ recruitment event that takes place in Stuttgart, Germany. It mainly focuses on feature and episodic work, but a breakdown of the occasional superbowl commercial has been know to be shown as a presentation as well. The most interesting part are talks and presentations on the various stages, take a look at Schedule - FMX | EN for a overview of last years programme.

The whole thing will happen from April 23rd to April 26th. Tickets are not cheap, from roughly € 200.- for a single day ticket to € 400.- for a complete ticket for the whole event. But, in my experience, this is totally worth it, as you really get the things we miss so much from IBC and NAB ten years ago: Proper, educative breakdowns, stories from the trenches and a look at future technology.

But enough of the sales pitch. If you are coming to FMX and want to grab a beer with some fellow flame artists, drop me a line and i will find a nice swabian brewery for us and book a table. Just fill out the form here, i will keep the survey open until Martch 31st:

Tickets for FMX can be bought here, they have got an early bird discount until March 15th:

Hope to see you in Stuttgart, Cheers,