IBC is over....how about FMX?

Hey you lovely Logik Folks…

I think everybody who attended out Usergroup Get Together at IBC had a great time. However, one sentiment that i heard quite a lot was that the show itself was uninteresting, that nobody saw something really inspiring and that everybody misses the days of actual demos and shot breakdowns.

IBC is a trade show and as there are no more turnkey systems to sell and i think nobody from this group is in the business of hiring the azerbaidzan space agency for satellite time or buying a new camera crane, it is understandable that the drive to go the show itself is dwindling.

This is why i would like to propose an additional event which in my humble opinion would be far closer to the Flame Artists heart and that would be a great opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas. That would be FMX (Film and Media Exchange). FMX is happening for three days from April 26th to April 28th in Stuttgart, Germany. It is NOT a trade show. It is a conference bundled with a recruitment area for young talent and yes, there is a small trade floor, probably as big as the blackmagic booth on IBC. The really nice thing is that they have a lot of speakers, really interesting ones as well. You can check out last years programme on their website : www.fmx.de

Highlights were an Animation Masterclass, VFX then and now with Tim Webber and the VFX for Avatar 2. Of course there is also the hanging around in Pubs, talking, having a fun time. So i just wanted to float the idea that if a couple of Flame Artists show up in Stuttgart, we could have a get together there as well. I think it would be fun and also there is a LOT of young talent running around fmx. That is a recurring theme with flame artists that we need some young blood…

There are a couple of caveats, though:

FMX is not free, a three day ticket will probably set you back 400.- Euros.

It is awfully close to NAB, so for some this might be a dealbreaker.

However, i think from everything i heard at IBC, this might actually be the kind of industry event a lot of you are looking for. So let me know if you intend of checking out fmx, and i will gladly pick a nice swabian beer place for us to hang out.


Hi Christoph

That would be interesting indeed. I miss the days when we could sit together with demo artist and people from Discreet and ADSK to discuss issues, ask for improvements etc…
I couldn’t make it to IBC because of bloody covid but a Get Together in Stuttgart next year would be great!

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An excellent idea. Thanks Christoph!