For the weekend

Ariana Grande -positions
directed by Dave Meyers


That opening shot is fantastic. Not even sure how it was done. I’m gonna guess it’s a practical drone shot of the second building with a CG White House.

WOW would love to see a breakdown of that job.

looks like a miniture model with a plate of her shot on stage, looks like they repurposed the model a couple of times throughout the video

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It’s fascinating to go through the twirl transitions frame by frame and see how compers used the foregrounds as wiping elements, and what they were able to use and not use with interactive lighting. The shiny desk in the Oval Office was not doubt a complete nightmare to figure out. Music videos are tough, especially with this director, especially with what these budgets and schedules typically are these days, and especially this creative. The video works, is a fresh perspective, and is super entertaining.

I’m curious how much of the backgrounds were done in front of virtual production walls. Some of the shots really look like it but then I would think getting the timing of all those transitions would be extremely difficult if the vfx were done in-camera.

Yea completely agree with Randy the most impressive thing about these projects is the unstated which is how much time they had and how little of a budget they had, typically in a music video like this they wouldn’t have a ton of either.

Anyone know who did it?

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Ghost VFX

Looks like Ghost VFX Andy

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