Forgetting a machine / swapping licenses / changing companies / Teradici PCoIP Graphics Agent

When running the -forget command on a Teradici PCoIP Graphics Agent to update a license string, if you ever receive an error about the machine being registered to another account, or have any difficulties in licensing a machine with a known working license string, here is the procedure from Teradici Support.

You can delete trusted storage and re-register the agent by below steps:

  • Delete the contents of the following path:
  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Teradici\PCoIPAgent\licensing\5
  • Linux/Mac Agent (Requires root permissions): /var/lib/pcoip-agent/licensing/5
  • Reboot the machine.
  • Re-register the host

Thanks for @marcwellington for digging and doing the Teragucci Lord’s Work.

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Update: I did have one machine (dual boot Linux/Windows) that this process needed an additional step… Unfortunately, the mac address of the specific machine required support to removed/obsoleted first before registering the machine again with another cloud license server. Apparently, the cloud server locked the Mac address to the specific account the original license was registered to.

Then, you have to follow the process I shared with Randy.

So, some machines can just forget and do the steps below, others, require support to get involved then to the steps.

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