Screenshot on Mac not working

Ever since upgrading to Monterey and Ventura on my macs using a Teradici software client to access a cloud flame - I can’t screenshot in Teradici using (shift command 3 , or 4). It doesn’t do anything whether the keyboard is paired to the session or not. If I hide the Teradici app I can do a screenshot, but not in the Teradici window. I have a different mac running Catalina and it works fine there. I assume it’s a privacy setting in macOS somewhere. Any ideas?

Yo @ednichols, long time no see.

I may be missing something, but, the behavior you are describing sounds like everything is working correctly. Whenever the Anywhere PCoIP Software Client is the active window, you are of course controlling a cloud machine. In my case, it’s Rocky Linux and therefore I need to use Control+PrintScreen to take a screen shot.

If you have something on your Mac as an active window, then you can use your usual Mac-based CTL+SHIFT+OPTION+4 hotkey combo or whatever it is to

I just tried it here with Sonoma + Rocky 8 using LInux Graphics agent 23.08 and Software Client 23.01.1 and the behavior works as you described which I kinda think is how it’s always been.

I think.


Often I will use anydesk or team viewer on a side machine (laptop, iMac, etc.) and take my screenshots on that machine.

Hi @randy! It has been awhile. is great - so glad you guys built this.

Attached is a screen recording of the behavior that I have come to expect for several years now controlling various linux cloud flames via Teradici PCoIP from my home Mac. You can see that I can screen shot the cloud Flame gui just like I’d capture anything on my local Mac screen (shift, command 4), and the png file lands on the local Mac desktop - no muss, no fuss. Do you see this behavior on your Mac? I have a newer Mac now, and I can’t emulate it there - maybe HP eliminated that feature in Anyware PCoIP? Or maybe it’s a MacOS setting somewhere?