Teradici HP Anywhere Rocky Linux

Has anyone out there successfully installed teradici/HP Anywhere on Rocky linux 8.5 (Threadripper CPU)
Im hitting a wall when I install the installation scripts or even darksite downloads.
Looks succesfull up to a point and then my screen goes black and hangs. On reboot it loads the non graphical GUI and pretty much breaks my little house of cards. I think it has something to do with mcelog.service in the dnf installation not being compatible with amd CPUs. Anyone out there who could give me me steer in the right direction?

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We have Teradici on ThreadRipper no problem using their repo. Also that is how Teradici works, it takes over the local DisplayServer and does NOT present a GUI.


Yes. I have.

Once you install the USB dealio and the curl link, your screen will go blank. Reboot. Then, HP Anywhere is doing what you want, launching without a graphical interface.

So, once you are at the old skool shell login, login with your credentials. Then to start a graphical session, type:


Then, I think you have to license the PCoIP Graphics Agent via…

pcoip-register-host --registration-code=<registration-code>

Then, once you are in, you’ll need to enable the pcoip via:

systemctl enable pcoip

Then, confirm by running a:

systemctl status pcoip

This “should” be everything you need to do. I suspect you and I are using it similairy…sometimes remote, sometimes locally. I haven’t figured out how to have it launch back into graphical mode yet, so, from now on I’m just living iwth the whole ‘startx’ if Im working locally.

If you don’t want pcoip enabled, and you want to disable it, then…

systemctl disable pcoip

Confirm with a:

systemctl status pcoip

I really don’t know much, but, I do know the above works on 3 of my P620s.

Ah. Forgot. When you launch Flame, you’ll probably see it crash with a Qt error. You need to then add an environment variable in Flame Setup / Environment Variables to Display :100. You’ll see the default one be Display :1. Make a new one there that says Display :100 and boom. Fran’s your Nan.


Nice. I didnt realize there was Linux support for Streamdeck. There is, right?

via Companion

Amazing… thanks for spelling it out Randy. I thought I was going mad!
Got some time to try it today and it worked!
Frikken legend :slight_smile:


wooooo GIF


Maybe a dumb question, but how do you turn Teradici off in order get your local display back? Been doing a reboot via network shell. Kinda sure that’s the long way.

Very cool, but I’m actually not smart enough to know the commands to setup via streamdeck. What’s the magic command line to shut off Teradici?

systemctl disable --now pcoip

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