Prism Pipeline - Animation and VFX Pipeline

Anyone used this before? Looks very intriguing, but of course no Flame support. Desperate for any alternative to ShotGrid.

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I have. Is cool, but there are some caveats

  • Versions previous to 1.x are rigid with a hardcoded configuration/folder structure.
  • V 2.0 (Beta) doesn’t support Linux nor OSX.
  • I believe projects are configured locally, no central database.
  • No Flame plugin

If you are looking for a better open source alternative for asset tracking you could look into Ayon / OpenPype. It has a central database you can install on a server. Its supports Kitsu, also open source, for simple project tracking, but not SG/Ftrack level. They are both a bit involved in terms of setup, but both companies offer paid support.

We’re actually actively talking to the ayon guys at the moment, plugs into ftrack as well.

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Would be great to hear how you get on with this… how’s it going?

I have used it a couple of times. I also know the developer since we worked together at Scanline for a while. He has his roots in 3D, and so has Prism. They did quite a lot of work to get the USD support working and it is great for getting smaller studios up and running with these 3D tasks. Actually we finished a job recently using its capabilities to manage USD in Houdini.
For the comp side it has a good Nuke workflow, but there are some things that are hard coded into the pipeline which did not turn out to be working on our side. So we are also looking more towards OpenPipe right now, as they seem a lot more flexible.