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I play tested Ultima! Hung out at Richard Garriot’s castle.


This is just a thread bump to remind everyone that Elden Ring is among the best video games ever made.

I just got to the last area with my fourth character (my son decreed I make a mage who looks like one of the game’s composers) and it’s still fun. Had I not had a busy work week I would have tried to lay waste to the last boss with Azur’s Comet.

If I do another run it’s gonna be daggers only. Cos that’ll be nuts.

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Andy, I’m sorry to hear that video games are your life. It was mine too, as I play tested my dad’s video game Duke Nukem 3D endlessly. Life does get better post video games.



Wait… @GPM … are you saying your played a copy of duke nukem that your dad had bought or that your dad was heavily involved in the creation of Duke Nukem and that’s why you refer to it as “his game?” Because I found a Greg Malone associated with Duke Nukem after a cursory google search. I think that’s pretty dang neat if I’m not all wrong here.

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wow, interesting. I played that game a lot, including creating levels with the 2d leveleditor, sector effectors someone? to try to make 3d levels. Playing games is all about balance. Recently played some old adventure games.
Finished with Loom (32 years old game), now playing Syberia. I like slow, story based games nowadays…

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When sb. is in search for some mobilegame, I just played “There is no game: WB”.
It’s only some point&click but for a mobile game satisfying and not that short.
Great for render\idling times.