Get cached status from segment

I feel like I’m missing something obvious, yet again, but I can’t seem to get the cached status of a segment when going over a sequence.

def extract_segment_info(segment):
    if != '':
            name =
            path = segment.file_path
            duration = segment.source_duration.frame

            ''' Cached not working '''
            cached  = segment.cached

So clearly the attribute does not exist like it does when you’re looking into a clip where the attribute is set. I can’t quite seem to figure out how to get that value…there must be a way.

Any breadcrumbs one can offer? I find the hierarchy of things to be confusing and how the method of getting certain information changes depending on what something is or where you’re looking at it from.


From reading the docs I’d say it’s not possible, because PySegment does not inherit PyClip or does not store any reference to the underlaying PyClip object it comes from. Maybe worth a feature request to have a method, that returns the underlaying clip.

Maybe I’m missing something, too … :slight_smile:

@fredwarren Is this possible?

No, it is not possible. The cached properties is only available at the Clip level. You can submit an Improvement request over at Flame Feedback for the support on the PySegment.

Will do, thank you.

In case anyone else would like this feature, you can up-vote FI-02659.

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